19 August, 2012

The Simple Pleasures

In our busy modern lives, it seems that people forget. They forget occasions, names and the simple P's and Q's. To me, that is so incredibly disappointing to our daily life reduced to being filled with people who are, quite frankly, rude.

A mum of 2 totally made my day the other week. We were at the local fruit and veg place waiting to pay. So like the good Lemmings we are, we queue silently and place the items on the conveyer belt when ready - naturally avoiding all eye contact because God forbid we live in a community. I put the separator down for her and she did something I haven't had in a while. She turned and said 'thank you' even when she was busy trying to occupy 2 young children.

This made me realise 2 things.
1. Your children learn from you. They learn your good and your bad habits. Don't go around blaming society for the void in your attention span. Let's face it, society is a pretty crappy parent nowadays!
Aside: this makes me think of learning a new skill but particularly how to drive. Similar habits are seen in both teacher and student. Can you see where habits are passed on? My mum used to lock the doors as soon as she got in the car and to this day, I lock my doors soon after I get in. The norm is laid down by the repeated subtleties of daily life. Aside over.
2. Nice people go out of their way to make someone feel better. That lady could have easily ignored me like the countless other people I put the separator down for but she took a 1.5 seconds to show her children what decent human beings do. She is making the world a better place! So when someone does a random act of kindness - do your part to make the world a better place too.

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