10 August, 2012

August Ambling

I need some goals. I want to lean up. According to the scale, I am the heaviest I have ever been - thanks muscles... I'm sad because like a whole lot of other people, I want to weigh less even though it is a terrible marker of how one is truly progressing.

I need to keep telling myself that muscle is twice as dense as fat. It is also a lot more helpful than fat.
Muscles are where your energy is produced due to its high content of mitochondria. It is what requires a lot of fuel to keep working meaning that you burn more calories at rest. Muscles are also a great regulator of insulin and it helps to make your body sensitive to it getting the glucose out of your blood AND reducing insulin levels in the blood that signals your body to store excess as fat. Muscles also give a girl shape and not to mention, make a girl strong!

Fat on the other hand is not very metabolically active. It secretes oestrogen (which makes you hold onto stress and promotes cellular growth) and is acidic. All these things keep fat there. Fat makes me giggle and I don't like the giggle when I wiggle.

So while I still recover in August, I need to focus on eating enough protein, activated nuts, good fats, cooked fibrous vegetables or at least eat the fresh things last after I've had my digestive enzymes.

Berries and sweet potato will have to come every 3 days as I think my body is just too sensitive to carbs storing it as fat. I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't make it one in my head. I am happy with how I look, I just want my numbers to be less. Rant of Little Miss Mei - over.

Above: Me at my heaviest. It must be the fringe weighing me down. 

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