08 August, 2012

I heart BCAAs!

Yep, I sure do! Maybe hearing Metallica's Enter Sandman has inspired me to blog about it.

Above: Metalica's Enter Sandman - tonight's inspiration, great background music.

"Say your prayers little one, Don't forget my son, To include everyone"

BCAAs refer to branched chain amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are proteins that are used directly by muscles for energy and recovery. As with any amino acid, you would find them normally occurring in any protein - particularly in your meats with its other amino acid friends.

Thing is, I love BCAAs because they make me hurt less and help me to keep going.  It means that I can exercise (and work) day after day without feeling completely smashed by so many workouts.

"Hush little baby don't say a word..."

BCAAs are the one gym supplement I just don't want to do without. The second one would be my plethora of antioxidants like lipoic acid and berries. The third would be magnesium.

Why supplements? Why don't I just eat real food? I do eat real food - A LOT OF IT. I eat local grass fed meats, make my own bone broth, activate my own organic nuts, eat organic fruit and veg, do the omega 3 supplementation even as fermented cod liver oil, have modest serving of good fats every day, drink plenty of water and steer clear of the alcohol and coffee.  The paleo bandwagon has people who like real food. Heck - even non paleo people like real food. A lot of people don't like supplements. I like food and I like supplements.

I find that I have not been able to find the ratios and quantities of food to make me feel as good as when I use my supplements. I also believe that supplements are needed because we do not live, eat, sleep, etc as we should so enter the supplements to help us best cope with modern life, prolonged and excess stress and spent soils. I like to go and do things myself and my extras help me. Awesome!

"Take my hand, Off to Never Never Land!"

So if you are starting to feel very achey and fatigued post workout and requiring a few days to recover - get onto the BCAAs. I take the dissolved powder pre and post workout and also in the midafternoon shake and sometimes before bed. My emergency energy stash at work is nuts with BCAA capsules just to tide me over until dinner if absolutely needed - which is rare since becoming fat adapted. I heart BCAAs, get into them!!!

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